Hey guys,

I know that this site hasn't got much traffic but the geek in me loves to experiment with some coding and administration work as well which has led to moving my website from GoDaddy shared hosting to Digital Ocean (which has been great so far!) and playing with optimization and administration. Must say, administering Linux and playing with HTML optimization, caching and everything that goes with it has been exciting, so much that I'm in process of writing a new theme based on Zurb Foundation.

Playing with stuff that I don't fully understand and learning as I go also had some consequences like serving a site without working CSS for probably more than a week without noticing it, and for which I apologize 🙂 I hope that soon enough I'll bring new, improved experience and new improved photos and portfolio too.

One last note, if you're considering moving from your current shared hosting provider you can consider trying out Digital Ocean by using my referral link you'll get $10 in credits and if you happen to like the service I too will benefit in credits which will help me to run this site.