Unexpected portrait session

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Being photographed

As it often happens opportunity arises when you least expect it. It was last Sunday when my friend Olga and I settled for a little photo walk on a harsh mid day Sun. It was not only bright but also very hot. I honestly thought that only thing I was going to get from that day were sunburns, but we’ve stumbled upon unfinished Prokop railway station that gave us some nice shade and as it turned out amazing lighting conditions. Fortunately for us it is a fairly empty in low in traffic volume, also the part of it where we did majority of photos was “restricted” but no one bothered us. I hope they will finish this station soon for the sake of the commuters but now it’s a nice place for photography.

I did all the editing solely in Capture One Pro 7 and it really gave me some troubles with its “stability” and made me do everything twice but the editing part is just amazing and fun to use.

Here are some photos from this short unexpected portrait session… and please let me know what you think 🙂

Being Photographed



A toe view


Being photographed

Deep thoughts



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