Capture one pro 8.0.1 on Yosemite

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CO1 8 Bugs in Yosemite

Just a quick and important reminder that if CO1 is important for your workflow, DO NOT upgrade to Yosemite like I did. It shows some serious bugs in UI and export of photos (shown in image above). Wait until PhaseOne states that it is in fact compatible with 10.10. Cheers

Video: Start to Finish Portrait Retouching in Capture One Pro 8

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Retouching a portrait without Photoshop seems like an almost impossible thing to do but apparently it can be done in Capture One Pro 8 (C01). Check out the author of this video Michael Woloszynowicz do just that using layers to dodge/burn and to emphasize certain parts of the image. Using just one software in post-processing workflow reduces complexity a lot and … Read More

Unexpected portrait session

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Being photographed

As it often happens opportunity arises when you least expect it. It was last Sunday when my friend Olga and I settled for a little photo walk on a harsh mid day Sun. It was not only bright but also very hot. I honestly thought that only thing I was going to get from that day were sunburns, but we’ve … Read More

50% Discount on Capture One for Aperture users

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As the news broke out a couple of days ago that Apple is discontinuing the work on Aperture most of the articles are advising it’s users to make a switch to Adobe’s Lightroom. While this will certainly be a great move for most of the folks, some of you might consider switching to Capture One Pro 7 instead. Capture One Pro … Read More

Difference in editing workflows

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Let there be light

I’ve recently decided venture into Capture One Pro 7 and so far it has been an interesting bumpy ride. Being an Adobe and Lightroom user for many years I am naturally used to UX of their products which really has many well thought and delivered UI and workflow decisions. In the end there are things Lihgtroom does better, others are really … Read More