Smith Micro Software at Voxxed Days Belgrade 2015

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I have the honor to share with you my photo coverage from Voxxed Days Belgrade 2015 event held last week on October 1-2, where my company Smith Micro Software participated as a “Keynote Sponsor” which means that we had an opportunity open up the conference with an awesome keynote about IoT prepared and presented by Dejan Dimic. Apart from doing … Read More

Pigeon vs Mig

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Pidgeon vs Strizhi Mig 29

During past couple of days Belgrade is preparing for the upcoming grand military parade. It’s a one in a 30 year chance to see this kind of event. Whether you approve military or you’re pacifist it sure looks impressive. Fortunately my office window looks in a way of airplane paths and I’ve managed to catch a bird in flight (unfortunately only … Read More

Worldwide Photo Walk in Belgrade

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Tough choice

For me a photo walk is a time to step out of the daily routine, time to make a couple of snapshots and meet some new people and catch up with old friends. This one was no different and we were “blessed” with some nice weather and Tolkien fantasy fans event at the end of our route. Until the next … Read More

Worldwide photo walk Belgrade

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There’s just a couple of days left until Worldwide photo walk 2013 that is also held in Belgrade thanks to Dejan Danailov who will bi leading this years walk. At the moment of writing there are 34 openings left. Clickety click and join in. Hope the weather will serve us well 😀 In the mean time, here are couple of … Read More