Sonja & Zeljko, my first wedding job

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First Dance - Sonja i Zeljko

While it’s not entirely true that this was my first time shooting weddings, so far I was really reluctant to take it as a professional engagement. The main reason for that in Serbia wedding photographers are rarely artists trying to make some beautiful creative images, but rather sales persons with camera trying to sell you a dozen really crappy photos. Other reason, related to first one, is that unlike common wedding photographers I care to make the best possible images, tell a story, etc… which can be stressful if this is not something you do professionally.

However, succeeding in making some nice photos, capture beautiful and unique moments, create a memory and satisfy your client is really rewarding.

The following photos were taken at Sonja’s and Zeljko’s wedding a beautiful young and spontaneous couple that wanted photos that show their personalities and lifestyle.

Sonja at home - Sonja & Zeljko Wedding Sonja at home - Sonja & Zeljko Wedding Shy portrait - Sonja & Zeljko Wedding In church - Sonja & Zeljko Wedding The look - Sonja & Zeljko Wedding Not a first kiss - Sonja & Zeljko Wedding First Dance - Sonja & Zeljko Wedding

If you like my style and you’re interesting in having your wedding photographed by me feel free to contact me.


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