Rovinj photo story (Part 2)

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We’ve walked the streets of Rovinj, now it’s time to move from town to the sea which is the main reason most of us are going the coastal towns in the first place and I’m no exception.


In contrast to the Greek beaches that are overcrowded with loud bars and sun-beds, with people roasting on the afternoon Sun, beaches of Rovinj are mostly coves or rocky “beaches” with shielded by the thick shade of old pine trees. Here, you’ll find only a few very silent cafes with very limited offer and unfortunately you won’t find any showers either. What’s really interesting is that most of the beaches are within the Punta Corrente forrest park that is abundant with beautiful hundred year old conifers and beautifully arranged tracks which you’ll use by foot or bike to get to the beaches.




In the breaks between taking a splash in the clear blue sea, and in absence of “classic” beach activities, you’ll be forced to relax with a book or take a nap that you’ve prolonged too much. I admit, I’ve been doing much more napping in the shades than I’ve been holding a book.
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Every day spent like this will most certainly make you smile 🙂 but don’t leave too soon, do stay until the last rays of sun vanish behind the horizon in the most beautiful firework nature can stage. Best place to look, enjoy and photograph is conveniently  named The Golden Cape, and it served me to get a couple of nice portraits that I left for the end of this part.


Sunset at Golden Cape Beach





Tune in next time to read and see a couple more photos of Porec and Motovun!



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