Rovinj photo story (Part 1)

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Look at old town Rovinj

Adriatic coast is the most beautiful in the whole of Europe! I know it’s a bold statement and probably I’m biased because of my childhood experiences when we used to spend a month in Croatia but there is no denial that the nature, sea and little towns scattered across this coast are truly mesmerizing. There on the far north of Adriatic lies Istrian peninsula and the little town of Rovinj (Rovigno in Italian) that is the subject of this photo story which should prove that I’m right about my opening statement 😉

It’s a small romantic town that, like all Istrian places, specific by its Venetian and Austro-Hungarian heritage that is reflected in its culture in general especially in its urbanism and architecture. Every cobbled narrow alley, overladen with artisan stores and restaurants from which you can sense beautiful fragrances of Mediterranean cuisine, acts like an open museum.

It is easy to feel the spirit of long passed times when mighty Venice ruled this area while walking the winding alleys, passing through unusal passages and staring to numerous ruined facades that once used to be rich houses. This town will easily get you into it’s own pace, slow down your heart beat and get you into some sort of mild meditative state that, unfortunately, quickly passes with returning to your everyday reality.

Thanks to all these things Rovinj is not a classic holiday destination that becomes the ghost town during the day when most of the people are the beaches, no this place is always crawling with people. However it’s true life begins after the sunset and the old town changes its skin and becomes the center of all activities. This second life does not last for long though as this city of romance falls to sleep somewhere around midnight so for these brief couple of hours it turns from crowded to an anthill and that has its charms too.

One article and a couple of photos are far from enough to present places like Rovinj and Istria, so I’ve decided to dedicate them a couple of sequels in which I’ll visit it’s beaches and discover some other interesting places too.

So bear with me just a little bit more 😉



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