New version of Lightroom 5.2 is now available

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New version of Adobe Lightroom 5.2 is now available for download. It’s an incremental update and a list of new features is not long but some of them can prove to be handy. Among those that caught my eye is feather control for Spot Healing Tool that should make less noticeable touch-ups. Hopefully it will also bring some speed improvements, but … Read More

Open Keyword Catalog Project

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You are using Lightroom for your photography workflow, so you already know how keywording can be a tedious job. Lightroom provided us with a Keywords List panel that should make this process a bit easier by “forcing” you to think about keywords not as they were some random flat list of tags but rather a hierarhical controlled vocabulary that you can use and reuse … Read More

Drush Sync on GoDaddy Shared Hosting

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If you are like me, you’ve just decided to give Drush a go and you’ve spent couple of days configuring all sorts of conf files, ssh keys and what not just to realize that GoDaddy and other providers don’t provide rsync for us “cheepo” customers. This was, I must say, very frustrating. So here’s wharf finally worked for me with … Read More

Je songe mais autrement

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Il y a longtemps, quand j’étais petite, c’était un autre temps,
il passa trop vite ; à cette époque-là, pour tout vous confier, je rêvais jour et nuit, sans trop me méfier. Je sais, vous vous en souvenez aussi, c’est une histoire vieille comme le monde ; il n’y a pas d’enfance qui de rêves n’abonde : on pouvait tout avoir, … Read More

Tracking Social Interaction with GA in Drupal 7

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Couple of days ago Google added Social Interaction Tracking that gives you an option to track +1, Facebook and Twitter button engagement. I’ve spent some hours to get this working and test, and here’s the solution that worked for me. I assume you’re using Google Analytics module. Step 1 Download ga_social_tracking.js from Google and copy the file to scripts folder … Read More

Navigate your CSS using Compass

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In my previous article I’ve been writing about plethora of tools for design process. I’m not one of those people who will say that this is THE tool for the job. This is a story about useful tool that made my life easier, and as I learn it more it’s becoming more and more time and nerve saving. Why do … Read More

Tools of the trade

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There are a lot of debates and countless wars on which “tool” is the best for one task or entire work-flow. Often I’m asked: “What do you use for web design?” Well the answer is, there is no simple answer. There are a lot of tools and the best are those you feel comfortable using and those that will get … Read More

Add ShareThis buttons to Drupal 7 without module

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If you’ve been building your site using Drupal 7 and wanted to add ShareThis buttons via module, you’ve probably seen that only version 6 is supported at the moment. Fortunately this is not a big problem as you can add simple code to your template and have ShareThis in no time. 1 Get the code Go to and choose Any Website under section … Read More

Let’s spin this baby

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5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Launch. My new site is up and running, and a journey to get it here was long and thorny, but it’s here at last. This is a little story about that. In the beginning there was Just idea. Oh yeah and the thought: “Man you’ve been doing this for a quite a while, made a … Read More