Playing with optimization

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Hey guys, I know that this site hasn’t got much traffic but the geek in me loves to experiment with some coding and administration work as well which has led to moving my website from GoDaddy shared hosting to Digital Ocean (which has been great so far!) and playing with optimization and and administration. Must say, administering Linux and playing … Read More

Sonja & Zeljko, my first wedding job

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First Dance - Sonja i Zeljko

While it’s not entirely true that this was my first time shooting weddings, so far I was really reluctant to take it as a professional engagement. The main reason for that in Serbia wedding photographers are rarely artists trying to make some beautiful creative images, but rather sales persons with camera trying to sell you a dozen really crappy photos. Other reason, related … Read More

50% Discount on Capture One for Aperture users

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As the news broke out a couple of days ago that Apple is discontinuing the work on Aperture most of the articles are advising it’s users to make a switch to Adobe’s Lightroom. While this will certainly be a great move for most of the folks, some of you might consider switching to Capture One Pro 7 instead. Capture One Pro … Read More

Difference in editing workflows

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Let there be light

I’ve recently decided venture into Capture One Pro 7 and so far it has been an interesting bumpy ride. Being an Adobe and Lightroom user for many years I am naturally used to UX of their products which really has many well thought and delivered UI and workflow decisions. In the end there are things Lihgtroom does better, others are really … Read More

Worldwide Photo Walk in Belgrade

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Tough choice

For me a photo walk is a time to step out of the daily routine, time to make a couple of snapshots and meet some new people and catch up with old friends. This one was no different and we were “blessed” with some nice weather and Tolkien fantasy fans event at the end of our route. Until the next … Read More

Tonal adjustment workflow, small test and comparison

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Over the past few years I’ve developed workflow that works for me but inevitably as I develop as a photographer, see and learn new stuff, mature as person I step back to from time to time to reflect on experiences and think of ways to improve myself. As you probably noticed there are numerous ways and combinations to achieve similar … Read More

Worldwide photo walk Belgrade

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There’s just a couple of days left until Worldwide photo walk 2013 that is also held in Belgrade thanks to Dejan Danailov who will bi leading this years walk. At the moment of writing there are 34 openings left. Clickety click and join in. Hope the weather will serve us well 😀 In the mean time, here are couple of … Read More

Thoughts on photo equipment obsession

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More often then not I stumble upon a photographer bragging and obsessing with (his) photo equipment. Both offline and online, there are numerous discussions about it and comments like “look at how awesome this photo was taken with camera X and lens Y”. I am not going to argue that better sensor will give you a better file to work … Read More

New website and portrait portfolio

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After a long period of inactivity on my website I’ve decided to, again, switch platforms, update my portrait portfolio and website overall. This time I’ve followed some good advice from pro photographers and kept it simple which in my case means that I’ve skipped designing and developing myself and opted out for WordPress + commercial portfolio theme. Designing and developing … Read More