Story about the poor Cyclamen

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I thought buying a live plant would be a better 8th march gift than lets say Roses. It probably would be if the photographer in me didn’t thought sprinkling the Cyclamen with water would make a great photo. It worked, photos were much more interesting but the plant unfortunately died. Only this photo was left to admire it’s beauty 🙂

Inspiring video history of photography

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Usually we take the world around us for granted, don’t think much how we got here and enjoy the technology, arts the culture as something that’s been here forever. It’s good nice, once in a while, to remember and honor the pioneers that got us where we are. It’s also an homage to human curiosity and creativity. Enjoy this video … Read More

Capture one pro 8.0.1 on Yosemite

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CO1 8 Bugs in Yosemite

Just a quick and important reminder that if CO1 is important for your workflow, DO NOT upgrade to Yosemite like I did. It shows some serious bugs in UI and export of photos (shown in image above). Wait until PhaseOne states that it is in fact compatible with 10.10. Cheers

Belgrade military parade

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Following up on a previous story about Military parade held in Belgrade on 16th of October. Like all things in Serbia the military parade was a mixed bag. Controversial from the beginning, prepared in rush, held on a weird date (during the WWII Belgrade was liberated on 20th not 16th) and the day itself turned out to be totally weird … Read More

Pigeon vs Mig

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Pidgeon vs Strizhi Mig 29

During past couple of days Belgrade is preparing for the upcoming grand military parade. It’s a one in a 30 year chance to see this kind of event. Whether you approve military or you’re pacifist it sure looks impressive. Fortunately my office window looks in a way of airplane paths and I’ve managed to catch a bird in flight (unfortunately only … Read More

WWPW 2014 in Belgrade

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Due to lack of inspiration, unusually hot October, bright and harsh Sun, this year’s walk was more walk than photo walk… a chance to see a couple of friends you haven’t seen in a while and well try to take a couple of snapshots I share with you below 🙂 Better luck next time!

Video: Start to Finish Portrait Retouching in Capture One Pro 8

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Retouching a portrait without Photoshop seems like an almost impossible thing to do but apparently it can be done in Capture One Pro 8 (C01). Check out the author of this video Michael Woloszynowicz do just that using layers to dodge/burn and to emphasize certain parts of the image. Using just one software in post-processing workflow reduces complexity a lot and … Read More

Unexpected portrait session

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Being photographed

As it often happens opportunity arises when you least expect it. It was last Sunday when my friend Olga and I settled for a little photo walk on a harsh mid day Sun. It was not only bright but also very hot. I honestly thought that only thing I was going to get from that day were sunburns, but we’ve … Read More