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You are using Lightroom for your photography workflow, so you already know how keywording can be a tedious job. Lightroom provided us with a Keywords List panel that should make this process a bit easier by “forcing” you to think about keywords not as they were some random flat list of tags but rather a hierarhical controlled vocabulary that you can use and reuse to describe your photos.

Trouble is Lightroom does not provide you with any keyword presets and other external keyword catalogs are mainly commercial and cost quite a bit.

As an enthusiast photographer I tagged my photos rather messy but over the time I’ve collected fragments of other catalogs, organized some of my own that I used and thought that it would be a nice thing to share it with the world and provide with a way for it to evolve and grow.

For that reason I decided to create a github repository with catalog I created to serve as a preset for all of you that need one or a starting point to create one really good open source keyword catalog. To download / join the project go to

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