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About me

As a Photographer I like to capture the world around me and my main interests are street photography and people – headshots, portraits and occasional weddings both on location and studio. I like to portray my subjects for what they are using straightforward natural approach and classical art styles. I can easily serve Belgrade, Serbia but I would gladly take on any international assignment. If you are interested in working with me please drop me a note.


The story about my love with photography and goes ways back to when I was probably about 12 or 13 years old. I grew up in an artistic family between my mother a package designer and dad a graphic designer and photography aficionado. He captured our world through a lens of a Kiev camera and developed photos in a makeshift laboratory based in our kitchen.

My first real contact with art and photography came later through classes in School for Design and acquaintance with a family friend was a pro photographer and who introduced me to photography on a somewhat serious level. He got me a used Revueflex SLR and thought me how to develop my first (and last) B&W films. This is when I truly  fell in love with photography, but at the time it was too expensive hobby for a kid and it took me about a decade to reintroduce myself to more serious photography.

Year 1999 was in many ways a milestone it marked the end of childhood, school, millennium and to some extent beginning of my professional career – first as a web designer/developer/webmaster, followed by economics studies, then a couple of years running an IT startup. You can say I pretty much tried everything until I honed my design skills and settled with Visual and Interaction Design for mobile and web apps.

I'd like to thank all the people and experiences that led me to this point. I now work full time as an Interaction Designer but dedicate a lot of my personal time to photography.

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I’d love to hear about your project or a photoshoot idea and help you get started.